Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Life, Health, and Technology

Environmental Protection

Environmental Sustainability

The Company abides by environmental regulations and ISO-14001 standards in protecting the natural environment and endeavors to achieve environmental sustainability when conducting business activities.
We are also committed to enhancing efficiency in utilizing various resources and using environmentally friendly renewable materials so that resources can be sustained.
To date, the following items have passed ISO-14001 environmental management systems by the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection:

  • Collection and evaluation of adequate and real-time information on the environmental impact of operating activities.
  • Establishment of quantifiable environmental goals and target to formulate management plans and regular inspection of the continuity and relevance of these goals and plans.
Sustainable Environment
 Sustainable Environment

Sustainable Consumption

Concerning the effect of ecological benefits, we increase consumer awareness on sustainable consumption and engage in R&D, production,service.etc., by adhering to the principles below in order to mitigate the environmental impact of our business operation:

  • Reduce product and service resources and lower energy consumption.
  • Reduce the emission of pollutants, toxic substances, and wastes and properly dispose of wastes in accordance with laws and regulations.
  • Increase the use of recyclable and reusable raw materials or products.
  • Prolong product durability.
  • Increase product and service performance.

Sustainable water resources

The Company has acquired wastewater treatment equipment and facilities, properly used water resources based on sustainability, and formulated water management related measuresto prevent water, air, and land pollution during the operation process.

Sustainable water resources