Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Life, Health, and Technology

Employee Welfare

Human Resources Policy

Human resources policy focuses on occupational safety, employee health and gender equality.

Labor and Human Rights Protection
The Company and its subsidiaries comply with the relevant regulations of their respective operational locations, and refer to the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”, and “Declaration of Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work” to create a safe and fair work place and to protect employees’ rights.
According to SA8000 standard, the Company cannot hire child labor or discriminate against or punish employees with race, social class, nationality, religion, and gender, or treat employees with exploitation measure.
In addition to complying with relevant government laws and regulations, the Company pays labor insurance and national health insurance in accordance with law, and allocates employee welfare funds and retirement reserves, organizes employee welfare committees and retirement reserve supervision committees, and contributes to employee benefits and retirement services as a whole.
The Company organizes labor union to strengthen labor-management relations, facilitate changes to workplace conditions and provide benefits to union members. Labor-management meeting is held at least once every three months to listen to employee feedback and seek solutions, so labor-management relations have always been harmonious.
Establish “Measures of Prevention, Correction, Complaint and Punishment of Sexual Harassment” and “Committee Against Sexual Harassment” to provide a harassment free workplace.

Occupational Safety Management

Employees are our valuable assets. With that in mind, the Company maintains an accident-free and hygienic workplace by taking preventative actions for foreseeable risks.
The Company plans, establishes, implements, and maintains an effective occupational safety and health system, which is established according to PDCA principles, and received ISO 45001:2018 certified in 2021. The certification is valid until April 29, 2024.
The Company provides a safe work environment for its staff through monitoring and minimizing hazardous materials and preventing occupational accidents. In addition to semiannual fire drills, all new employees are required to go through a 3.5-hour safety and health training, and all current employees attend a one-hour re-training annually. Employees that operate specialized equipment, such as forklifts, and lab technicians must complete a minimum of 1-hour work related safety courses every year.
Continues to promote zero-accident workplace and implement inter-departmental contest for workplace safety awareness.
The Company provides health check every year and tracks those abnormal results to prevent potential health risks.
The Company has hired nurse and arranged for an occupational medicine doctor to provide occupational health services to protect employees’ health.

Provide a Healthy Workplace

Over the years, the Company systematically promotes employee health and wellness and provides a healthy workplace. Below are some positive results.
.Received the badge of accredited healthy workplace by the Bureau of Health Promotion in 2013 and 2016.
.Weight loss competition amongst employees
.The Company establishes a smoking area and encourages employees to quit smoking and has obtained the tobacco control badge by the Bureau of Health Promotion.
.Continues to promote zero-accident workplace and implement inter-departmental contest for workplace safety awareness.
.The Company provides recreational facilities such as a gym, a golf driving range, cherry blossom park, crab park, and spirit café. Also, the Company, in partnership with Public Health Bureau, holds walks, provides gift certificates, and sponsors Yilan Marathon to promote employees’ and local residence’s health.
.Received an award of excellence for breastfeeding room contest by Public Health Bureau, Yilan County in 2017.
.The Company cares about every employee and is a healthy sustainable workplace. The Company was a receiver of the national excellence award for healthy workplace held by the Health Promotion Administration and Council of Labor Affairs.

Employee Benefits
In addition to regularly holding events for employees’ to de-stress at work, Employee Benefits Committee provides the following:
.Insurance: The Company has purchased group accident insurance for employees.
.Allowance: Including weddings and funerals, scholarships and grants for employees’ children, employees’ activities, and travels.
.Bonus and gifts: Providing holiday bonuses, voucher for birthday and Labor Day, and Moon Festival gift box.
.Travel abroad: For those employees who work in the office and who work for ten years, twenty years, and thirty years, the Company provides a travel allowance for overseas travel.
.The Company holds a monthly conference and dines together aperiodically. Supervisors may invite new employee to a meal to hear feedback and improve inclusiveness.

 Education and Training System

The Company encourages employees to continue learning and sharing experiences, also improves technical talent development. The Company has a comprehensive career training system for all employees, including new employee training, professional training, and managerial training, etc. Employees are encouraged to continue education and learn about Company’s core value.

Retirement System
To provide employees with financial stability, the Company has complied with the laws: employees who started working on or after July 1, 2005 and the employees who started working before July 1, 2005 that choose the new labor pension system, their pension uses defined contribution plan. The amount of pension allocated by the Company every month shall not be less than six percent of the employee’s salary. For an employee who voluntarily contributes to the pension, the Company shall allocate the pension to the Bureau of Labor Insurance according to the employee’s instructed percentage of salary and deposit the amount in an individual retirement account. For the employee that was employed before July 1, 2005 and chooses to continue using the old labor pension system after July 1, 2005 and the employee that was employed before July 1, 2005 and converted to the new labor pension system after July 1, 2005, the Company shall contribute to the pension based on their years of employment and deposit it to the account of the Department of Trusts, Bank of Taiwan. The pension shall be calculated in accordance with Labor Pension Act and be given to retired employees when they retire. The foreign subsidiary shall pay for social insurance like healthcare, pension, and retirement every month in accordance with local government regulations.