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Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting the website of Sinphar Pharmaceuticals ("Sinphar").This Privacy Policy describes how we collect, process, and use your personal information.If you do not accept the terms and conditions described in this Privacy Policy, please discontinue browsing and using our website and refrain from providing any personal information.

Scope of Application
  • Sinphar's Privacy Policy is only applicable for your browsing of the Company's financial reports, stock affairs, annual report, material information, services, product information, overview of the Company and its affiliates, news and events,latest or previous publications and method of subscription, and recruitment information, as well as the collection, processing, and use of personal information when you participate in our event.
  • Sinphar's website may contain multiple independent third-party links. If you enter into such links, you will leave our website. The personal information you provide to a third-party website and the personal information the third-party website collects, processes,
Collection, Processing, and Use of Personal Information
  • You may browse the most part of the content presented in our website without providing your personal information. However, when your personal information is requested for certain services of this website, we wish you to provide the necessary information depending on the nature of the scope of the specific purpose of the services. We will process and use your personal information within the scope, such as for marketing and customer management, applying for activity-related insurance, abiding by legal or contractual obligations, and protecting the involved party and related stakeholders. Without your permission, we will not use your personal information for any other purposes.
  • If you choose not to provide your personal information, you may be unable to use certain services of Sinphar, such as lucky draw, competitions, or emails we send to you.
Exercising the Right to Use Personal Information
  • By written notice, such as letters, emails, or fax, you may request to browse, supplement, and revise your personal information or to discontinue the collection, processing, and use of your personal information, and also request for a duplicate of your personal information (at your own expense).
  • Except otherwise required by law or when the specific purpose of collection still exists, you may request us, in writing, at any time, to delete your personal information.
Personal Information We Provide to Third Parties
  • We guarantee that we will not furnish, sell or exchange your personal information to any other individuals, groups, corporates, or government agencies. However, we may provide such information when abiding by legal or contractual obligations.
  • The provisos prescribed in the preceding paragraph include but are not limited to the following :
    ● To abide by the lawful request of judicial institutions for investigation
    ● To comply with the reasonable investigation or use within the duties of competent authorities;
    ● When your conduct causes damages to Sinphar, we may, to the necessary extent, examine or disclose all or part of your personal information essentially to contact you or to take legal actions
    ● To abide by contractual obligation to provide personal information
  • When you enter Sinphar's website to browse, download, or register for certain service(s), we use cookies to identify your Computer, such as recording the IP address, the time you spent on browsing our website, and the number of times you visited every individual web page, to analyze the website traffic or network flow and to improve the quality of our website accordingly.
  • Cookies store information at the user end for us to identify the user. For example, when you enter our website to browse the Company's material information, recruitment information, or to type-in registration information, etc., we set a temporary cookie to record the information you provide in our website. These cookies are set-up in your computer. When you visit our web pages, we read these cookies so that you do not have to reenter your information. This type of mutual communication is beneficial to both sides.
  • You can check your browser settings and choose the option of whether to allow your browser to accept the cookies. However, please be reminded that if you deactivate the cookie function when visiting our website, some of our web pages may become unreadable.
Third Party and Privacy Policy for Remarketing
  • Our website collects visitor's information and use it in remarketing or functions similar to subject targeting. No matter whether you have accessed Sinphar's products or services through our website or other websites, the third-party suppliers cooperating with us may also use the Cookie technology and the remarketing functions to send advertisements to you.
    The contents of these advertisements may contain our products or services and are aimed at increasing the opportunities to promote the products and services you may be interested in.
  • The third-party supplier may place Sinphar's product and service advertisements at any location of each website (including but not limited to the top, side column, or bottom of the web page) as images network or by other display methods.
  • If you wish to delete cookies to reduce or prevent remarketing, you may delete all cookie histories in your browser or adjust your settings under Google's Ads Setting.
Security Protection
  • When authorizing a third-party service supplier to provide services, we request the supplier to comply with the Personal Information Protection Act and other related laws and regulations.
Changes to Privacy Policy
  • Sinphar reserves the right to revise or revoke any provision of this Privacy Policy at any time. Therefore, you are advised to review this Privacy Policy frequently for the latest information.
  • Sinphar is committed to protecting your privacy rights relevant to our website. If you have any questions, please contact us via email or at 02-2760-3688

Protective Provisions in Law

Intellectual Property Rights

本The content of this website is the lawful property of Sinphar or legally authorized by others, including but not limited to company name, language, music, drama, dance, arts, photography, graphics, audios, recordings, architectures, and computer software, and is protected under trademark laws, copyright laws, and other intellectual property laws. You are not to use, including but not limited to, duplicating, modifying, distributing, or renting the content of this website without Sinphar's or the legal right holder's prior express written consent. Otherwise, you shall assume all legal responsibilities.

User's Notification

Anyone using this website shall not violate legal regulations and good morals. You are prohibited from using this website to carry out any illegal or malicious activities, as well as from sending any illegal information or data to this website.


Sinphar endeavors to ensure that the information posted on this website is correct. Nevertheless, the content of this website may be changed from time to time without prior notice to align with technology development and research discovery, etc. Therefore, user should bear the responsibilities for any disputes and/or damages arising from this website.