Technology, Research and Service

Technology, Research and Service

Life, Health, and Technology

Core R&D

The R&D Center, built in 2002, complies with ISO 17025 international quality management system certification and is equipped with laboratories filled with cutting-edge technological facilities. The center is Sinphar's core technological platform on which oversease research centers are interconnected to form a network of R&D technologies.The laboratory contains multiple advanced instruments and equipment and actively cooperates and forms strategic alliances with domestic and foreign academic institutes and laboratories.The R&D Center adopts international partnership strategy to promote its R&D outcomes, thereby accelerating market commercialization of its R&D outcomes.

The R&D Center has a testing center and various laboratories specializing in drug formulation, Chinese medicine, microorganisms, and cellular and molecular biochemical functions. By using precision instruments and technologies and gathering experts from different fields, the R&D Center offers a comprehensive range of services for product inspection, research and development, and improvement planning. Sinphar also continuously recruits specialists from different fields and procures precision instruments and equipment, in an attempt to achieve product safety, stability, and validity. As a result, Sinphar has been commissioned by numerous prestigious domestic and foreign companies in developing a variety of products.Sinphar's R&D Center offers the following services: development of new botanical medicine, new drugs, generic drugs, OTC drugs, health care food products, medical beauty products, and product testing using precision instruments and technologies.


R&D Team

Yi-Ta Lee/Technology Management Office, Chief Science Officer
PhD in Biochemical Engineering, University of British Columbia

CSO of Sinphar Group
General Manager of CanCap Pharmaceutical
Director of ZuniMed Biotech
Deputy CSO and Director of SynCore Biotechnology
10th to 12th Board Director of Taiwan Bio Industry Organization
Board Director of Taiwan Research-based Biopharmaceutical Manufacturers Association
Board Director of Monte Jade Science & Technology Association of Canada (2008-2012)

Chemical engineering/bioprocess engineering
R&D management

Participate in industrial and R&D related decision-making
Developing mid/long-term R&D strategies, development map, and resource allocation plans for Sinphar Group
Manage R&D Team

Ching-Ching Tang/Leader of the R&D Group, Technology Management Office
PhD, University of Nancy (France)

CSO of Sinphar Group
R&D Assistant General Manager/Manager of Sinphar Group
Pediatric Attending Physician of Shanghai Jingan Hospital
Pediatric Lecturer of Shanghai Second Medical University
Researcher of the Pediatric Research Lab in Children's Hospital of Nancy (France)

Pediatric medicine
Nutritional Science
New drug R&D project management

Participate in Sinphar's planning of mid/long-term R&D maps and resource allocation
Research and management of new botanical drug development

Ya-Hui Huang/ Director of R&D Center
Masters in the Pharmaceutical Group of the School of Pharmacy at National Defense Medical Center

Manager of Sinphar R&D Center
Manager of Sinphar Regulatory Department
Manager of Sinphar Quality Assurance Division
Manager of Sinphar Quality Control Department
Manager of Analytical Method Development Department in Sinphar R&D Center
Deputy Manager of Validation Group in the Quality Control Department of Tai-Yu Chemical and Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
Drug preparation researcher in the R&D Department of the Yung Shin Pharmaceutical

R&D project management, testing method development, and QC laboratory management
Quality assurance system maintenance, drug inspection and registration, and prescription development

R&D center management

R&D items and progress

Sinphar Products

Category Item Indications Code Development Progress
New botanical drugs 1 Drugs for dementia STA1 Approved for phase II clinical trial by TFDA
Approved for phase II clinical trial by U.S. FDA
Preparing for clinical trial
New botanical drugs 2 Drugs for chronic stable angina STA2 Completed TFDA phase II clinical trial
Completed U.S. FDA phase II clinical trial
Planning in progress
New botanical drugs 3 Cancer drugs or cancer adjuvant treatment agent SPA1 Completed Druggability Research Part I and Part II in progress

SynCore Biotechnology

Category Item Indications Code Development Progress
New small molecular drugs 4 Cancer treatment SB01 Phase II clinical trial in progress
Approved for phase II clinical trial by U.S. FDA
Approved for phase II clinical trial by TFDA
Completed case recruitment for phase I clinical trial in Taiwan (including National Taiwan University Hospital and National Cheng Kung University Hospital)
Received project funding from MOEA
New small molecular drugs 5 Cancer treatment SB02 Drug formulation research
Qualified as biotech new drug company as approved by the Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA
Formulation development before clinical trial
Launched Investigational New Drug (IND) application submission and preparation
New botanical drugs 6 Genital wart (condyloma) SB03 Expand into Taiwan's pharmaceutical market and continue to develop Asian market.
Acquired TFDA drug license to sell drug products in specialized channels (hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies)
The Company and Cheng San Limitada (Macau) signed a SB03 Veregen sales distribution contract, and signing of business contracts for Asian market development is in progress.
Eye drops 7 Dry age-related macular degeneration SB04 Phase II/III clinical trials in Taiwan
Succeeded international cooperation with South Korean AJU Pharm in granting authorization right to the company
Approved by phase II/III clinical trial by TFDA, and various clinical trial operations are continuously being activated.
Cooperated with National Taiwan University Hospital in establishing the Age-Related Macular Degeneration Research Center.
Positively charged liposome 8 Triple-negative breast cancer SB05 Phase III clinical trial in progress
Gained comprehensive right over EndoTAG® platform
Approved for phase III clinical trial by FAMHP
Approved for phase III clinical trial by TFDA
Received project funding from MOEA
Positively charged liposome 9 Pancreatic cancer SB05 Approved for phase  III clinical trial by U.S. FDA